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(Photo: Moshe Bedrashi)

An Unexpected Fit: From Yeshiva to TAU Law School

Daniel Ben Zeev forged a unique path to become a student at Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) Buchmann Faculty of Law. Daniel grew up in an ultra-Orthodox family in Bnei Brak, home to several of Israel’s largest and strictest religious communities. He received a traditional religious education, in an all-boy segregated school system of yeshivas, focused on religious studies and not on secular subjects.

Married at the age of 22, with no specific plans for a future career, Daniel was inspired by his wife, Yael, a student at TAU’s Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine. “About a year into our marriage, I decided that I, too, wanted an education that would enable me to have a job and give back to society,” he said.

“With the help of TAU’s Trailblazers: The Program for Integrating the Ultra-Orthodox into the university, I was able to successfully navigate the enrolment process and prepare for law studies at TAU and obtain a scholarship,” Daniel explained.

“Both mine and my wife’s degrees require a lot of time investment and leave few options for holding down a job. I currently work three times a week, but without a scholarship I’d need to double my hours, which would be a disaster for my studies. My wife, in her 6th year of dental school, does not have time to work at all. Without the support of our scholarships, we wouldn’t be able to complete our studies.”


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