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Scholarship Stories

Tim Kogan

Starting from Scratch at TAU’s Lowy International School

 TAU Emergency Fellowship Fund for Ukrainian Graduate Students

Tim Kogan is a new oleh from the now-war-ravaged town of Donetsk, Ukraine, attending TAU’s Sofaer Global MBA program thanks to University scholarships for Ukrainian students.

Tim fled Ukraine for Israel with his wife and three daughters just before the war broke out. His background is in investment banking and entrepreneurship, and the MBA is actually his second graduate degree. He has over 15 years of experience in the Ukrainian investment world, but “when the war started my career and professional relationships got sidelined,” says Tim.

However, Tim says the thing he’s proudest of is his family: his daughters bring him great joy and have kept his hope alive. It was his love for them which, in a twist of fate, brought him to Israel.

Weaam Asli

“Overcoming the Most Difficult Year of My Life”

The Lois and Martin Whitman Scholarship Fund promoting the academic mobility and development of Arab students

When Weaam Asli, a recent Tel Aviv University biology graduate, was in her second year of studies she almost dropped out.  The scholarship she received from the Whitman Scholarship Fund was the only thing that kept her afloat during COVID-19 job closures and family health problems.

Asli comes from Arraba, a small Arab town in the north of Israel. She is the third oldest out of five brothers and sisters. All her siblings have pursued or are on the path to entering higher education, which the family has always made a priority. However, in 2020, when Asli was a second-year TAU student, the odds lined up harshly against her ability to stay in school.

This year, we have something very special to celebrate; TAU Canada’s 50th Anniversary. We have so many reasons to be thankful, from the people who have shaped our success to the events that have powered our growth and the numerous remarkable achievements that pave the way to a prosperous future. Our donors, students, staff, volunteers, and so many others have contributed to making TAU Canada exceptional. Thank you all for making the last five decades incredible!

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